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There are plenty of campsite options near Zion Canyon National Park– I mean, we are in Southern Utah- we’re camping folk in these parts! So take it from some camping experts- it is best to choose a campsite a little bit further outside of the chaotic Zion park.

If you’ve read our other article Why Zion National Park,  you will have a ton of knowledge as to why you would want to camp outside of the park, rather than inside or surrounding.

Zion has quickly become one of the most popular National Parks in the U.S.. Ranking in the top 10 on Travel US News, and Ranking #5 on the National Parks Conservation Association.

Given that this park is rising in popularity, its natural to assume that it can be very bust and a bit over-crowded at times.

The officials of the Zion Park have even discussed the possibility of limiting the amount of visitors the park takes in during the more popular hiking/camping seasons, due to the overwhelming amounts of people.

It is already impossible to simply drive up to the park during busy season and get a campsite right off the bat. If you are looking to rent out a campsite for your Zion Canyon adventure, you will certainly need to call ahead and reserve your spot ahead of time!

So let’s talk about a few options you have to maximize your camping and hiking trip to beautiful Zion National Park.

Camping Quietly Near Zion Canyon National Park

One of the many benefits of staying at Leeds RV Park, Campground, and Motel; staying in the peaceful, quaint area of Leeds, Utah, and escaping the beautiful hustle and bustle of the surrounding National Parks.

Our campsite park is located only 40 minutes away from Zion National Park. When you are ready for your trip to Zion, just take the highway up from the park up to your exit and it’s a straight shot from there.

When we Utahns think of camping, we think of peace, and being in the outdoors. We want to be surrounded by nature, not surrounded by the constant drum of moving cars.  We get enough of that in our every day city lives don’t we? Camping is meant as a get away- a way to reconnect with nature!

The greatest benefit we can offer your camping trip is the quiet outdoors feel of camping. Choosing to camp inside or just outside of the National Park will certainly result in the near-constant sounds of hustle and bustle near the park.

Reserving Your Campsite Near Zion National Park

If you choose to plan your camping trip during the peak seasons of Zion National Park, you will have two options for your campsite needs. Reserving your campsite ahead of time, or… reserving your campsite ahead of time.

How about that variety huh? There has even been talk of making the local campgrounds around the park ,reservation only soon. So some planning may be in order.

It is nearly unimaginable to simply drive on down to the National Park and be able to find a spot without a reservation. Though it does happen, it is rare.

You will most certainly want to book your campsite several weeks, or a few months ahead (it all depends on how busy or popular that time period is). So if your trip is spontaneous, you may be out of luck for a spot!

Yet another reason why the Leeds RV park and campground is a great option. While yes, you will likely need to make a reservation for large special occasions, or holidays, you are likely to find a spot available at our many tent sites!

Your campsite here at Leeds will have the benefit of peace and quiet, the safe distance from the park, as well as the availability you are looking for!

So make sure to come see us next time, for all your campsite needs. You are more than welcome to book by calling us at or just swinging on by with all your gear ready to go. Come enjoy the peace and quiet of Leeds, and relax for the night while you await your Zion Canyon trip in the morning! We’ll see you soon!


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