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If you are fellow lovers of camping, RV-ing, and just all-around nature- Thanksgiving camping may be an option for you!

Not only will you get to experience the beauty of Leed’s nature in November, and indulge in delicious Thanksgiving dinner. But you also get to enjoy the beauty of Southern Utah this time of year.

We’re not just talking about the nature (though fall beauty here is immeasurable).

We’re talking about all the exciting events, shopping opportunities, and must-see places around the Thanksgiving holiday.


Lessen Your Thanksgivin’ Stressin’

Thanksgiving with the family can certainly be a stressful time. There is some type of stress, whether you are hosting the dinner in your home, or simply visiting the family who’s hosting it!

Perhaps it’s time to consider Thanksgiving camping? This could be just you and your significant other having a quaint intimate holiday dinner while camping. Or this could mean inviting the whole family out to camp for the holidays!

Regardless, camping for Thanksgiving celebrations have a way of lessening your stress.

The sounds of wildlife and rustling trees, fresh air, and smells of campfire, allow stress to completely disappear. Not to mention the incredible local activities happening in Southern Utah this time of year!

Here are some fun local events happening in Southern Utah to consider visiting during your camping extravaganza:


The Gobbler

St. George’s annual Thanksgiving Day Run! The most popular race day of the entire year.

Because who doesn’t want to run a marathon right before a big, salty, carb-loaded meal…

Hobble now. Gobble Later.

This run includes three different types of marathons: a 10K, 5K, and 1K (specially made for kids). Even if you’re not planning on participating in the run, why not come on down to support, and enjoy the beautiful weather with the family.

There will be entertainment, prizes, and awards for the whole family. This even begins as early as 7 AM on November 22- so hobble on down midday to enjoy the festivities.


Center for the Arts at Kayenta

Enjoy this year’s prized possession- Framed, A Comedy about Art, Marriage, and Ambition. This play will take place at the Center For Arts in Kayenta, by local actors and artists in the area.

Swing by between November 15-16 at 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, or November 17th’s matinee from 3 pm to 6pm!


Movie At The Electric Theater

This year the Calvary Chapel in St.George is hosting a Free Community Movie at The Electric Theater!

Be sure to bring the whole family by and enjoy “End of the Spear” in a beautiful venue.

This event is happening on Saturday November 24th and dress warm! The movie begins at 6 PM sharp- don’t be late!


Southwest Symphony Strings at the Tabernacle

Get your Christmas spirit jump-started early this year. If a movie at The Electric Theater doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, perhaps the sounds of beautiful choir will?

At the St.George Temple Visitors Center, enjoy the ensemble of talented musicians from all over St.George.

Enjoy the sounds of early Christmas music, also on November 24th, from 7 pm to 8 pm.

Perhaps your trip misses this choir by just a couple of days? Try coming back on November 28th at the same time to enjoy a different group!

The Snow Canyon High School Madrigals will be there eagerly awaiting to sing to you and your family!

St.George Musical Theatre

If you are a lover of the theatre, you will no doubt want to see this local show.

Come by the St.George Musical Theatre on November 29th! Beginning at 7:30 pm and wrapping up around 9:30 pm, enjoy the local talent preform Beauty & The Beast right before your eyes!

However, as this is past Thanksgiving, maybe you are looking for a more Christmas based play? Come by Brigham’s Playhouse to enjoy the Christmas Carol play! This one will occur November 30th, beginning at 7PM.


Glenn Rawson at the Tabernacle

If you are in the mood for a more religious experience, check out Glenn Rawson at the Tabernacle, also at the St.George Temple Visitor’s Center.

Glenn Rawson is a lecturer, former seminary and institute instructor for the LDS educational system- and so much more.

Swing by on November 30th at 7pm to attend this free event!


Al Rounds and Les Smith Gallery Show

For the entire months of November and December- enjoy Al Rounds and Les Smith Gallery Show. This event takes place at The Difiore Center in St.George, displaying the works of local artists, Al Rounds and and Les Smith.

If you are looking for some local culture and beauty, stop by The Difiore Center for this free event!


Black Friday Shopping In Southern Utah

Though this town is not considered small, nor large- everyone comes out for Black Friday. Just like anywhere, the town of St.George experiences total chaos during Black Friday!

We have a handful of large commercial stores here in St. George. Naturally, the best ones to visit for your Black Friday needs would be the following:

You can also try any of the stores we have open in the Red Cliffs Mall on Black Friday! While not all the stores will be open at such a late hour, a few of the best ones are:

  • Bath and Body Works
  • Victoria Secret
  • Barnes and Noble
  • H & M
  • JC Penny
  • Dillards
  • Claires


There may be necessary preparations for Black Friday shopping in St.George. Truthfully, the town of St.George is not architecturally set up to handle so many people on the road, so careful planning is in order.

Before planning your shopping trip, visit our clubhouse at the Leeds campground. Here you can get wifi, and set yourself for success.

Do research and make a plan for exactly what deals you are hoping to snag, and what stores offer them.

Create your list of what stores you want to hit first, in order to get what discounted item you want. Be strategic- make a game plan to hit stores in a certain strategic order.

This way you are not having to drive from one part of town to the other- and back again!


The Beauty Of Leeds In November

The best part about staying in Leeds this Thanksgiving?

You get to avoid the holiday chaos that occurs in St.George during the holidays. As we said above- the town is not set up for the amount of people on the road during these times. Traffic is slow, jammed, and always stressful.

Choosing to camp at Leeds helps to avoid exactly that.

You have the advantage of being a quick 10 minute highway drive from St.George. But when you are not wanting to be amidst the madness, you get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Leeds campground.

Whether you chose to camp for the holidays, or even a few days before or after- November in Leeds is an excellent time.

It’s not too cold, not too hot, and nearly always sunny. Take a spin around St.George during the day for a plethora of shopping and activities. Then enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with family back at the campsite.

Happy Holidays From Leeds RV, Motel, and Campground!


Written by: Leah Roberts