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As we all know, being the RV and Tent campers that we are, traveling sure can be a pain in the tushie this time of year. The holidays, while joyful and all that, make what we love doing, extremely difficult.

Not to mention, it’s getting chilly, fast!

Whether you’re planning a trip to drive across the states to spend Thanksgiving with family. Or looking for a place to park the ol’ RV for a intimate Thanksgiving dinner with the spouse. Maybe you are flying to go see family for the holidays?

Regardless, traveling quickly and sufficiently can be a real headache. What with the traffic, tickets being booked or being too expensive, or tent sites and RV sites being all taken up!

That’s why you have Leeds RV and Motel as your holiday traveling guide. Here are our holiday traveling tips to get you through unscathed:


Holiday Tip #1- Choosing Your Dates Wisely

This one may be obvious- but choose your dates for traveling wisely! If you are driving, arrange your trip so that you are not driving on the day of, before, or after a large holiday occurs.

Because just like you, those other folks are driving somewhere for the holidays too!

If you are planning on flying for the holidays, our suggestion is to constantly check your dates online. Flights rates fluctuate largely, every single day.

Rates change daily, and they also change based on different dates you select.

Whether you are looking at tickets 2 months prior to the holidays, or 2 weeks prior, check the rates daily.

Play with different fly in and out dates, shorter or longer trips, different times of flights. With persistence, and enough checking, no matter how much work it seems to be initially, you will undoubtedly find the perfect flight for the lowest price possible!


Holiday Tip #2- Playing The Field

By this we mean- play the field, shop around, check the different markets! In the midst of checking daily to find the perfect flight and rates, check in multiple places- not just one.

Try Expedia, or Kayak, in addition to the website of the exact airline you are wishing to travel with. You’d be surprised- just like everyday rates change on one site, it will change on all the sites.

It never hurts to save a couple hundred bucks or two right?

If you are planning on driving to your destination, you will want to do the same. Whether you are driving the RV and planning to post up at a park. Or Perhaps, you are driving your car to stay at a motel or campsite.

Do your research.

Look at as many campsites, RV parks, or motels online, as you possibly can! Find which one suits your needs the best. Which one looks nicer. Which one has better rates for the desired dates.

If you are checking travel sites for this trip, it is good to check daily just as you would for flights. Different places and websites may offer different discounts and rates for different dates! It’s always great to get the better bang for your buck.


Holiday Tip #3- Planning Ahead

Of course one of the most common, and yet most invaluable tips, you will receive for holiday travel- plan ahead.

Plan everything that can possibly be planned for your travel time. If you are driving to your destination:

  • Plan what date to leave for your trip. Be sure to avoid peak times while driving- the times when everyone else is leaving for their trips too!
  • If you are driving a relatively long ways, plan where to stay in between your destinations. You may even want to book ahead of time, so as to ensure you’ll have a room, or a site to park the RV, or set up camp.
  • Pack snacks, drinks, and meals for a long road trip! Or do research on the best places to stop and eat at!

If you are flying to your destination:

  • This one may be obvious, but try to book your flight sooner rather than later! That way you have plenty of time to plan ahead. Getting time off work, making arrangements for hotels or campsites, time to pack, etc.
  • Planning the dates you want to travel is important. Even if your rates are low for a specific set of dates, you still have to consider the traffic. Whether that’s the traffic to the airport, or the traffic IN the airport- if it’s close to the holidays, it will not doubt be busy.

Holiday Tip #4- Packing Like A Pro

Whether you are flying, or packing your car full of luggage, packing wisely is perhaps the most important part of holiday travel!

Of course, the first and most basic cardinal rule, is packing for the weather. Are you headed East and expecting snow? Headed West, and expecting warmer weather than your own? Or simply headed a state or city over, with only slightly different other than your own?

Secondly, packing for the price! If you are driving, you may not need to worry about how much or how little of clothing was brought.

But if you are flying, it just might! Some airplanes charge excessively for baggage, and some don’t charge at all if your bag is small enough for a carry on!

It all depends on what airline. Make sure to do your research or make some calls if you need to!

You can also try you-tubing creative ways to pack your luggage. You may be able to take more than enough clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc.,  in the most strategically packed way possible.

Holiday Tip #5- Preparing For Stress

Though the holidays can be an exciting time of year, it also comes with plenty of stress. As you well know!

A lot of that stress can sprout from holiday travel, lodging, and  money. In the midst of running around to get all your preparations made, take time to simply breathe.

Stop, and clear your mind. Remind yourself that it’s just travel- the world is not coming to it’s end (even though it may feel like it). It’s okay to slow down a bit- everything is going to be okay!

Try going for a walk in the fresh air, taking a nap, or cracking open a beer!

You may even face other stresses like family, timing, making the perfect dinner, or picking the perfect gifts, etc.. There are so many validating reasons to be stressed out during the holidays!

We all love our family… but sometimes, after a few days with them, we can go a bit crazy. The perfect dinner or perfect gifts, don’t have to be perfect! Your family, while driving you insane, care more about you being there for the holidays, rather than the gifts they get from you!


Happy Holidays From Leeds RV and Motel

We’re in hopes that you may be visiting Southern Utah for your holidays! If so- you are in luck! We’re here for your motel, campsites, or RV parking extravaganza.

If you’re visiting family for the holidays in the area, or simply having an intimate trip away with your significant other, you will undoubtedly have a peaceful relaxing stay with us.

Check out our Rates and Amenities and Book Your Spot for the holidays!