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Perhaps you are much like us here at Leeds Rv and Motel. The idea of camping during the holidays simply tickles your fancy.

What better time of year to camp with the family than during the holiday season?

Sure, it may be a bit nippy, but there’s nothing like spending quiet quality time with family. You can still enjoy Christmas cooking and presents while you camp too- if you have the right supplies! We’ll show you how, don’t fret!

So what do you say? Pack up the family and go camping this Christmas! You certainly won’t regret it.

Here are some tips and unique ideas to bring some excitement to your holiday camping:


The More People The Better

Whether you chose to camp this holiday with a handful of immediate family. Or the whole family, included Grandma, Grandpa, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, and Nephews!

This is sure to be an exciting and special Christmas. The more people the better of course!

Bringing more people not only means more supplies, but more holiday cheer of course! The kids can play with their cousins, while the adults indulge in deep conversation and drinks.

Having more people means more supplies. It means some members of the family are camping, some have trailers or RV’s.

Some family members have special supplies, like Side-by-Sides, ATV’s, dirt bikes. Maybe Grandpa has a fancy traveling BBQ, or other great camping cooking supply!

Between the whole family, you will be set on plenty of cooking supplies for the trip. Which means more space to cook your large holiday meals!

Perhaps Uncle Jerry has a horse shoe set he brought? Don’t forget to pack up the corn hole game for the whole family to enjoy!

Here are some more fun with the family games you can try:


Jingle Bell Toss

Maybe the family has already had a few hours of corn hole this trip, and we’re ready for something new?

Try this beer-pong and corn-hole hybrid! Jingle Bell Toss can easily be made into a game with the whole family, or a drinking game for the adults. Find a piece of flat ground to set up on.

Just like beer pong, we’re utilizing the simplistic universal beauty of Red Solo cups! Set up two 10 Red Solo cups in the perfect triangular shape, one at each end of a sturdy table.

Each team, whether a single person, or team of 2, gets two large Jingle Bells to toss into the cups, rather than ping pong balls! Each time a person gets a bell into a cup, a cup is removed from the formation.

If you are playing the adult version, each cup removed equal a beer to be chugged, or a large gulp of their alcoholic drink!

The team that gets rid of their cups first- wins!

There are many ways to play Jingle Bell Toss. To see more versions, and to learn more about the rules, Check it out HERE.


Snowman Slam

The perfect camping game for your younger children- Snowman Slam!

This one will require a bit of prep prior to leaving for the camping celebrations.

Head to the dollar store or the craft store for some supplies!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A few packages of white styrofoam cups (you’ll need at least 6)
  • Package of crafting/construction paper
  • Package of large white cotton balls (or rolled up white socks)
  • Super Glue

Follow the picture below to begin crafting your Snowman Slam game, or get creative!

The objective of the game, is simple. Just like bowling- but easier! On a sturdy table, stack your snowman cups into a pyramid of 6. Each team gets one turn to knock down as many of the snowman cups as they can! The first to knock down as many as they can- wins!


Gift Exchanges Are Always A Good Idea

Camping holiday games are without a doubt, the best camping pastime!

Seeing as how it’s the holiday, Christmas games are certainly welcome! Gift Exchanges and games are a always a great start!

Here are some Christmas Gift Exchange ideas for you:


White Elephant Gift Exchange

Of course the most popular of all gift exchange games! Gather around the campfire with your anonymous gifts and play away.

This game is quite simple. Heres how we used to play it- dirty.

Everyone brings one wrapped gift- or not wrapped and watch the chaos unfold for your sought-after gift!

You only get 3 Gift steals- so make it worth while! Everyone picks a number, and their turn to pick a new gift, or steal someone else’s, depends on that number. Say for example, you have 10 people, and 10 wrapped gifts.

You picked #4, you are now the 4th person to take their turn. At this point, you can either steal the now unwrapped-gift from persons 1 through 3 if you like that gift. Or you can pick a new gift to unwrap.

But this of course means that person #5 and beyond can chose whether to steal your gift, or pick a new one as well. If your awesome gift gets stolen, you must go pick a new gift-  you cannot steal your gift back until your current gift is stolen (IF it’s stolen).

IF your next gift gets stolen, that’s when you can chose to steal your first gift back, or any other gift, or simply pick a new one again.

However, you only get 3 chances for gifts! For example, if your first gift was stolen and you had to pick a new one, that counts as 1. The if your gift gets stolen again later on, you can get a new gift, or steal another, that counts as 2!

By the time it hits the 10th person, and you’ve hit all 3 of your chances, OR everyone is satisfied with their gifts- Game Over! The game is only over once everyone has hit their 3 chances, or is satisfied with their gifts!

Make sense?

This is simply the way we play it- feel free to google different versions of the White Elephant Gift Exchange and have fun with it!

leeds rv motel and campsite christmas camping


Left Or Right

This one is always an exciting one and allows for some creativity! Gather around the campfire and let’s get started!

This one begins with a special Left Or Right Christmas story.

Bring your gifts and chose a seat around the fire. The story is read by a non-player- every time the word “right” is said, you must pass the gifts to the right. If the word “left” is said, you must pass the gift to the left.

When the story ends- you are stuck with the gift you are left with. Unwrap and enjoy! Feel free to trade with someone.

This game can be done a couple of ways. You can chose to sit, and simply pass the gifts Left or Right. Or you can place the gifts on or under a chair, and walk to the chair at the Left or Right of you. Whatever chair you end at, is the gift you receive!

This one is a fun one, and causes plenty of giggles to go around!

To find a Left Or Right story, simply Google “Left Or Right Christmas Stories” . You could even get creative a few days prior and make your own!

Here’s also some downloadable stories you can try:

Life With The Wright Family

Suing Santa

You can also Check out Pinterest HERE for some stories.


Camping For Christmas

We hope we have convinced you to spend your next Christmas camping! If you are in Southern Utah for the holiday, come stay with us here at Leeds RV, Motel, and Campsite! You most definitely want to chose an area in the U.S. that will provide a bit warmer of a season.

However, if you are planning your Christmas camping elsewhere, make sure to pack warm! Don’t forget your Leed’s Christmas camping guide- feel free to print out this whole blog article and take it with you.

But most of all- have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Written by: Leah Roberts