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Utah’s Mighty Five of National Parks

Utah’s Mighty Five, all located in Southern Utah.

Picture this, your next trip- Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks. First Zion, you’re walking, the ground rises, the ground drops, the ground becomes water.

Next- Bryce. You’re riding a mule- you’re riding mule under giant orange drip castles. You are not dreaming. You will not forget this.

On to Capitol Reef- take the scenic route, the REAL scenic route. Take a path you’ve never taken, and see the stars for the first time. 

Now for Canyon Lands- you’re riding a bike. You’re riding a bike on Mars. Now you’re riding the rapids– Class 2, Class 3, Class 4- CLASSIC.

Arches- 5:32 AM. Some things are worth racing the sunrise for. The Horizon Lightings- you round the corner- WOAH.

This is life elevated.”